1. Visit to Ranfurly Home for Children: round trip ground transportation, per person, from Atlantis $12.
2. Island Tour: ending with lunch at Poop Deck East: $25 per person for tour; $35 per person for lunch (chicken or fish dinner).
3. One Day Shopping: (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) $175 per hour, for a 28-seater bus.
4. Tour of Graycliff Cigar Factory/Bahamas Art Gallery/Educulture/John Watlings Distillery: there is no charge for entrance into the Art Gallery, but donations are accepted; cost for entrance into Educulture is $10 per person, which includes a Whistle and a Junkanoo Drink; there is no charge for entrance into John Watlings Distillery.
5. Day-away to Harbour Island: on Bahama Fast Ferries, $225:00 per person, which includes lunch, a tour of the island and the golf cart; $8 per person, from Atlantis to the Ferry Dock.
6. Day-away on Sandals Cay (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.): $110.00 per person, which includes lunch, all snacks, all drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic), all water sport activities, boat trip over to the island, etc.; $17 per person, from Atlantis to Sandals.
7. Day-away to Freeport, with visit to Container Port, ending with lunch: $172:00 per person, for airline ticket; $50 per person, for lunch; $20 per person, from Atlantis to LPIA and $100 for rental of a vehicle.
8. People-to-People Encounter: arrangements can be made through the Ministry of Tourism’s People-to-People Department.
9. Visit with the Governor-General: could include a bush-tea demonstration.
10. Visit to Clifton Heritage: $300 round–trip for a 28-seater bus; $10.25 per person for the tour.
11. Visit to Dolphin Encounter: Dolphin Swim – $198.88 per person; Shallow close encounter – $123.63 per person; Sea Lion close encounter – $117.18 per person;
12.Blue Lagoon Beach Day: Adults – $74.18; children ages 4 – 12 – $48.38; (Visitors) -Adults 52.68; Children – $37.63.
13. Power Boat Adventure: $213.95 per person.
14. Walking Tour: Adults – $10.00 per person; children – $7 per person.
15. True Bahamian Food Tour: $77 per person (includes food).
16. Stuart’s Cove: Diving – $134.38 per person; Snorkeling – $80.00 per person.
17. Chubasio Fishing Company: Deep Sea Fishing – $960 for 10 persons

Note: Prices subject to change